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Letter To Aunty Rose



Dear Aunty Rose,

           My name is Bola, from Ogun state, I live and work in Benin, my boyfriend and I have dated for 10 months. We  had a smooth relationship till the first day of  November when he stopped picking my calls. We hadn’t any quarrel prior to this time. Our last discussion was when I called him at work, sent text message of my xmas budget. Please Aunty Rose how do I get my boyfriend back?


Hello Bola,

Is your budget outrageous?

Has there been any budget in the past ten months?

Has this guy been sending you money before now?

Does he take responsibility of your upkeep?

Are you giving him the impression that you are his will be house wife of no economic importance?

Don’t you know it is yuletide where many ladies lose their boyfriends to women with less demand?

He may equally have his own so called ‘budget”.

Do you have an idea of what your guy earns?

Has this guy ever given you a gift?

Did you discuss with him before outlining your Christmas needs you call budget?

Do you know there is slide in Oil price that is now affecting income and businesses globally ?which calls for adjustment in relationships and homes?

Send messages to your boyfriend to apologies to him;

Make him believe you were pulling his legs with your so called  “budget”. Let’s take it from there.

Do respond to the above questions, your response will help us strategise on the way forward.

Genuine feedback will quicken getting your dear boyfriend back.

Enjoy your weekend.

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