Home News Sudanese Force President Omar Al-Bashir To Resign. 

Sudanese Force President Omar Al-Bashir To Resign. 


Sudanese Force President Omar Al-Bashir To Resign.

After the exit of Algeria’s Abdelaziz Bouteflika, another African leader, 75 year-old Omar Hassan Al- Bashir of Sudan  is forced to resign after weeks of protests?

Sudan is set to witness another leadership  for the first time in about 30 years after he announced his resignation with immediate effect.

There has been calls by some world leaders, most notably, US President Donald Trump, for the resignation of the Sudanese ruler in time past and rounds of protests by the citizens of Sudan have finally yielded result when the dictator announced his resignation early Thursday morning.

 Al-Bashir, has handed over to the Supreme Military Council. Al-Bashir’s resignation might have prevented an unrest, with the military suspected to be preparing for a broadcast. The resignation means Sudan would be hoping to have a democratic President for the first time in decades.

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